30 June 2016
GMT timezone

Research projects and individual researchers in all disciplines are exploring new modes of scholarly communication in order to engage a wider audience, obtain developmental impact, boost visibility, meet funder requirements, and maximise the return on research investment. Added to this, new trends around communicating a broad range of artefacts from the research process are playing an important role in fostering collaboration and professionalising different aspects of the overall research lifecycle. In short, the publishing or dissemination process can no longer be left solely to formal publishers and there is a need to develop internal capacity in order to engage more optimally with communication activity. This can be daunting for researchers who lack the time and expertise to engage meaningfully with this area of work.

Science Communication Webinar Outline
This 2-hour webinar will present a five-step model that can be applied by individual researchers or projects who wish to improve their international footprint and make the outputs of their work more visibile and available for use. Focusing on the curation, “packaging”, and dissemination of research, the discussion will pay particular attention to the needs of developing-country researchers who are working in diverse, multilingual, resource-constrained contexts