Lukas Nellen

Dr. Lukas Nellen
Institute of Nuclear Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

He received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oxford, England, in 1990. He has been working at UNAM (Mexico) since 1996, initially at the Institute of Physics and, since 1998, at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences. Currently, his areas of interest are cosmic ray physics, particle physics, scientific computing, and high-performance computing infrastructure.

He collaborates in the HAWC, Pierre Auger, SWGO and ALICE projects, where he has responsibility for the software and computing aspects of the projects. Among others, he is a member of the UNAM Supercomputer Advisory Committee. At the Institute of Nuclear Sciences he holds the position of Technical Secretary for Computing, Networks and Telecommunications.


Eduardoi Toro

Eduardo Toro
Information Technology Engineer at NSF's NOIRLab under AURA Observatories in Chile

Trained at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso as an Electronic Engineer, since 1997 he has been linked to the astronomical observatories administered under the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA Inc), where he has held positions from Telescope Support Engineer until 2000 to later continue as Network Engineer at the Cerro Tololo Observatory.

In 2013 he assumed the role of Network Engineer at the Gemini Sur Observatory and since 2019 he has assumed as Information Technology Engineer under the new format created by NOIRLab. The Astronomical Observatories experience also includes Gemini North on the Big Island of Hawaii where the headquarters of the Gemini Observatory and the Telescope are located on Mauna Kea Mountain.

Luiz Nicolaci Da Costa

Luiz Nicolaci da Costa
General Director- Interinstitutional Laboratory of e-Astronomy (LIneA)

PhD in Physics Harvard University 1979. Member of the Management Committee of the Dark Energy Survey, Brazilian representative in the LSST project.

Professional experience:
- Senior Researcher at the National Observatory, Brazil
- Senior Research at the European Southern Observatory, Germany
- Visiting Professor Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Israel
- Visiting Professor Institut d Astrophysique, IAP, France
- Visiting Professor Universite de Paris Meudon, France
- Visiting Professor Harvard Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics, CFA, United States