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Andy Cross Andy Cross
Arquitecto de Nube y co-fundador de Elastacloud
Andy Cross is a cloud architect and co-founder of Elastacloud. With a background in highly transactional websites, his performance optimisation within the Microsoft development stack eventually led him to more and more distributed systems and open technologies. An international speaker, Andy has lead teams building the largest Hadoop and HDInsight specialist deployments on Azure.
His passion for embedded software and high performance compute clusters gives him a unique sphere of computation from the very small and resource constrained to the massively scalable limitless potential of the cloud. He is a Azure Insider, co-founder of the UK London Azure User Group, an Azure Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director. You can find Andy at @andyelastacloud
Patricio Rodríguez Dr. Patricio Rodriguez
Investigador asociado, Instituto De Estudios Avanzados en Educación
Universidad de Chile

Patricio Rodríguez es Ingeniero Civil, Magister y Doctor en Ciencias de Ingeniería de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Tiene 20 años de experiencia en el diseño e integración de tecnologías en ambientes de enseñanza aprendizaje, con proyectos implementados en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Inglaterra y Estados Unidos con financiamiento público y privado.  Es académico del Centro de Investigación Avanzada en Educación de la Universidad de Chile. Sus áreas de interés son los sistemas de apoyo a la toma de decisiones en políticas públicas en educación, la enseñanza aprendizaje asistida por computador, y la gestión de la innovación como instrumento de mejora en las escuelas.
Shaun K. Taylor

Shaun K. Taylor
Chief Information Officer
Tacoma Public Schools

As a leader on the Tacoma School District team, Shaun Taylor brings a myriad of skills and leadership experiences to the organization.   He has over thirty-five years of senior leadership roles associated with Strategic Planning, Technology, Finance, Logistics and Program Management.  

Shaun brings a vast array of technology skills and experiences to the table.    He has managed a regional mainframe data center; has been a project manager for software development and deployment of client-server applications for customers around the world; established strategic directions for organizations in aligning their technology investments with the organizations strategic goals and objectives; and extensive experience in partnering with stakeholders in bringing innovative solutions alive.

Shaun received his undergraduate degree Business Management and obtained his graduate degree at the Naval Post Graduate School in Computer Systems.   As a retired senior Naval Officer he understands the importance of teaming and the significant role that an organization’s culture can impact results.  He is a passionate CIO that is focused on bringing about change from within the K12 industry through leading leaders through the use and understanding of data. 

Christian Sfeir Christian Sfeir
Gerente de la División Cloud & Enterprise

Ejecutivo con +9 años en Microsoft, en su rol como Gerente de la División Cloud & Enterprise es responsable de todas las líneas relacionadas al portafolio en Chile (ventas, vocería, marketing, etc). El portafolio de soluciones Cloud & Enterprise incluye Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, System Center, Power BI entre otros.