International School of Young Astronomers ISYA2018

Auditorio Principal (Universidad Industrial de Santander)

Auditorio Principal

Universidad Industrial de Santander

Socorro Santander Colombia
Kam-Ching Leung (Univ Nebraska)









The 41th International School for Young Astronomers. ISYA2018 will take place in Socorro, Santander-Colombia form July 8th to July 28th 2018. The school is organized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (NASL) and by an alliance of Colombian universities: Los Andes, Antioquia, ECCI, Industrial Santander and Nacional. This school will be intended to train early graduate students in Physics/Astronomy/Astrophysics in Latin America and the Caribbean, but particularly in the Andean region.

The ISYA concept is a three-week international postgraduate school for regions where students have less opportunity to be directly exposed to the full extent of up-to-date astrophysics. In this edition it will be entirely computational/theoretical focussed on observational data processing and analysis techniques with archival data. We want to demonstrate how astronomy can be done in the XXI century with a limited direct access to observational facilities, which is often the situation across the countries in our region. The students will heavily use computational facilities of the Supercomputing Center of Universidad Industrial de Santander (SC3-UIS).

Around 35 students will be selected, mainly from Colombia and the larger Latin American and Caribbean Region. Acceptance to the school includes a studentship that covers transportation to Socorro and back, and full boarding at the ISYA. All selected students are expected to commit 100% of their time to participate in all activities programmed during the school. The students are expected to bring their laptos " 



  • Luis A. Núñez (Local Director, Universidad Industrial Santander),
  • Kam-Ching Leung (Program Director, IAU+NASL program),
  • Itziar Aretxaga (Program Deputy Director, IAU+NASL program).

Country Organizer Committee

Institutional Organizer Committee

  • Carlos J. Barrios-Hernández 
  • Fabio D. Lora-Clavijo
  • Julio Martinez
  • Giovany Monsaleve Villareal
  • Luis A. Núñez 

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